Breast Exercise Machine To Beautify Your Breasts


Learn About The Patented "BustBlaster" Breast Exercise Machine ...

This Breast Exercise Machine Makes Your Breasts Look Larger ... 

And Firms ~ Shapes and Tones ~ Money Back Guaranteed




Breast Exercise Machine For

Home Use ... The BUSTBLASTER ®

 Breast Exercise:

This is what you can expect by using the BustBlaster for your breast exercise routine. Absolutely no other equipment needed.

All breast exercises are performed in a standing position for your comfort. 

You perform - only one breast exercise - for 7 minutes each session - 3 times per week. The unique PATENTED design of the BustBlaster targets only the breast area for faster and easier results. 

Researched and designed by top personal fitness trainers.


(See How the BustBlaster Works)


We are now celebrating 14 years of successful BustBlaster sales.

(For Breast Enhancement in the Privacy Of Your Own Home)

  • Firms and Tones Your Breasts Quickly ... No Risky Surgery
  • Gives You Fuller, More Shapely Breasts ... No Swallowing Dangerous Pills
  • Makes Your Breasts Look Larger ............... Natural Breast Enhancement
  • Results Guaranteed

Your breasts will appear larger and more shapely by using the BustBlaster only 3 days per week and for about 7 minutes each time. Results will be noticeable in only 30 days.

The BustBlaster breast exercise machine will develop the chest muscles that lie beneath the fatty tissue of your breasts. These muscles will grow larger as you continue to use the BustBlaster, and they will push your breasts out and up, and that makes your breasts more attractive (In Total SAFELY). The more you use the BustBlaster, the better the results.

Think of your chest muscles like implants...but without the risks and expense of surgery. Just like implants, the BustBlaster pushes your breasts out and up.   

Before you consider surgery, doesn't it make sense to try the BustBlaster breast exercise machine, and in the privacy of your home.

Only one payment, and use it at your your home, with total SAFETY, and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. 

This is a "NO BRAINER" for any woman who is into NATURAL BODY CARE.



This is what not to expect:

  • Major increases in breast size, only surgery or added body weight can do that.
  • Don't be fooled into thinking that there are any pills on this earth that can build larger breasts. The pills that are advertised to increase your breast size accomplish that by making you fatter. This added fat not only goes to your breasts, but it also goes to every part of your body... your butt...your tummy and everywhere else. Furthermore, you must continue taking these pills forever according to the advertisers claims, or you will lose your gains. You will ultimately spend a fortune.    
  • Surgery is dangerous with infection and blood clots always always a risk factor.
  • Also, surgery is not permanent. Chances are, you will eventually need more surgery as the implants start to shift or become a problem.


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30 day Guarantee ... Your Money Refunded !!!  

The Unique Advantages of the Original  BustBlaster® 

  • Precision spot-training mechanism   
  • Workout in the privacy of your own home 
  • Fast work-out sessions (7 minutes, 3 times weekly) 
  • Patented design automatically adjusts to individual needs 
  • Includes additional rod set for advancement to intermediate level 
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructional DVD  & illustrated step-by-step pamphlet
  • Built with heavy duty steel, you get the same machine that we sell to commercial gyms.
  • We are now in our our 14th year of selling the Patented BustBlaster all across the USA and Internationally. 


Left Side Photo -

One Arm Technique:

Used to enlarge a smaller breast.

Right Side Photo -

Two Arm Technique:

Used as basic motion.